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Daoflect – With System To More Success

Daoflect – With System To More Success

Do you know this?
You want to learn and grow. Once you start your search, however, you will find many coaches and counsellors, countless training opportunities and even more training institutes. From inexpensive to expensive, everything is there. And then thousands of participant testimonials: enthusiastic, effusive, great success stories and so on.

By now your head is spinning with so many offers. And you are asking:

what is the right thing to do now?

For more than 25 years I worked in the corporate environment. Leading and developing people and organisations. Being responsible for change and transformation and more or less all aspects in the Human Resources arena including talent and leadership development. And my working approach? Numbers, data, facts, very analytical and methodical. In a sense of – what you can’t measure won’t be improved!

Being responsible for succession planning I used super analytical approaches and was convinced: THIS is the right candidate or how we called it: the best person for the job. So, for the next role or task, everything looked good on paper.

Sometimes targeted development activities where necessary, a development plan established and aligned between the employee, manager and the HR function. The manager already felt a bit queasy about the big step forward, yet it seemed doable. And after successful course completion – confirmed by a successful final test – many learnings were not applied in the daily work at all, the successful transfer was missing.

I asked myself what the reason was and looked for solutions.

.Over the years, it becomes obviousl that the ability to self-reflect is an important factor in long-term success and satisfaction. Thus, self-reflective competence became one of my focus areas.


But what does self-reflective competence actually mean? And what does it have to do with training?

When I was young I have been a trainer – handball and athletics. And later during my studies, I dealt with the in-house training of managers. After my studies, I started in the human resources department of IBM and shortly afterwards I took on an international leadership task for complex technology project with a very high change component. Individuals, functions and even the whole companies were affected. fter completing my MBA, I became a manager. First in Germany, then internationally. And as a global HR manager, I was responsible for global HR and organisational development in the last few years.

How would you approach these challenges?

In the professional world, we are mainly focused on numbers, dates and facts. Looking back, it strikes me that there was often no time for real reflection topics. And this is also the reason why managers today find it difficult to perceive other parameters. For example, when it comes to their own or their employees’ soft skills. These soft skills should be part of feedback and development process as well.

As companies or managers in a lot of cases do not yet offer real feedback processes I recognised that everyone is responsible for their own development of all aspects in their life.

And this responsibility requires a lot:

  • honesty
  • clarity
  • emphasis
  • determination
  • and: COURAGE.

But can everyone do it? Is everyone able to do it on his own?

  • Can you really reflect?
  • Comprehensively
  • and holistically?
  • How deep are you going – alone?

When I started to study Chinese Medicine in my leisure time I learned to reflect myself even more. By creating an inner understanding of the processes in nature, and an inner perception in myself a new level of self-reflection has emerged.

This has enabled me to be more aware of myself. A better self-reflection and the integration of the rhythms of nature are a strong counterbalance to our fast-changing working world.

Recognsing: “In the change of time, but in harmony with myself and the environment.”

Over time I have combined different approaches and integrated them into my work:

  • many years of scientific western research
  • Far Eastern philosophies with reflection on the natural rhythms of nature
  • and evolutionary theories.

The result: The unqiue Daoflect – Method , a comprehensive, holistic and powerful reflection approach, both for career and life path decisions.

Today entrepreneurs, executives, project managers, consultants, professionals in all sectors and company sizes find a unique, deep access to themselves and develop their personality in the shortest possible time. After a structured analysis, an effective development takes place.

Lately I have been applying this method within companies themselves. Clients from corporations, SMEs and start-ups discover their current status and develop their potential even more effectively with this method.

At annual kick-off events or meetings and especially change projects my experience flows into inspiring presentations for your teams. Each presentation well be individually tailored to the respective situation.

Project or leadership teams are thus inspired for change in a very natural way.

Consulting, mentoring and coaching differ in their approach to unique challenges. Many companies still expect consulting or the takeover of operational tasks or project management consulting and communication in change projects. I have found that my coaching approach allows an even stronger activation or expansion of reflective competences. Leading to much deeper insights. Individual solutions emerge flawlessly, surprisingly and with a comprehensive clarity from within oneself.

The increased self-reflection competence leads to more insights. The client returns to easyness and joy faster and gets into a flow of action. However, every client is very different and in a different situation. The very individual speed of implementation requires tailor-made solutions.

And now to you

  • Where do YOU want YOUR journey to go?
  • What is YOUR path going forward?
  • Are YOU on the right path?
  • What is YOUR destiny?
  • What do YOU want?
  • are YOU allowed to do what YOU want?
  • And finally – do YOU do it?

Through self-reflection, self-awareness and the journey into one’s own inner world, essentials can be recognised. Originally, man, like all living beings, is pure nature. Questioning one’s own path, recognising and questioning what is essential helps to move from the outside to the inside, from the complex to the simple and to recognise the natural processes in the environment within oneself.

This is a prerequisite for mastering the essentials in the outer world, on earth and in the relationship with other people or in everyday leadership.

Reflecting on one’s own path in interaction with natural processes helps to recognise and accept the innermost on the path.

In everyday professional life, this promotes one’s own development, And also makes the development of fellow human beings possible and contributes to growth.

Learning to grow! – We are made for this. For our whole life. Never stop learning.

I look forward to hearing your views on the topic of self-reflection.

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