What is the Chinese Personality test about

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With Daoflect your own experiences and preferences on your own life journey are reflected.

Te Daoflect concept is already used by many individuals and companies to gain a new opportunity view for change, development and growth. 

The questionnaire offers each person the opportunity to learn more about the psychological principles of their own natural component.


Through this individual evaluation you strengthen your self-reflection and gain new perspectives for yourself. And the Daoflect questionnaire accompanies your journey of discovery to yourself.


After you have evaluated a series of statements within a few minutes, you will receive:

✓ Your personal evaluation

✓ The possibility to book a free feedback session (20minutes) 

✓ You can ask a  question that is currently important to you and that will help your growth.  


A professional coach is not a consultant, but supports your own ability to reflect, ignite and thrive. 


The test helps to discover your own resources in a natural way.

Was ist der
Daoflect Test?
Hallo und Herzlich Willkommen!
Mit Daoflect werden Deine eigenen Erfahrungen und Vorlieben auf Deiner bisherigen eigenen Lebensreise reflektiert. Dieses Konzept wird schon von vielen Einzelpersonen und Unternehmen genutzt, um einen neuen Chancenblick für Veränderung, Entwicklung und Wachstum zu gewinnen. Der von mir entwickelte Test bietet jedem Menschen die Möglichkeit, mehr über die psychologischen Prinzipien seiner eigenen Naturkomponente zu erfahren. Durch eine individuelle Auswertung stärkst Du Deine Selbstreflektion und gewinnst neue Perspektiven für Dich selbst. Und der Daoflect Test begleitet Deine Entdeckungsreise zu Dir selbst.

Nachdem Du innerhalb weniger Minuten eine Reihe von Aussagen bewertet hast, erhältst Du:
✓ Deine persönliche Auswertung
✓ Persönliche Lebensfragen zur weiteren Reflektion
✓ Die Möglichkeit ein kostenloses 15 Minuten Gespräch für eine weiterführende Frage zu buchen

Ein professioneller Coach ist kein Berater, sondern unterstützt Deine eigene Wahrnehmungsfähigkeit. Er hilft Dir dabei, Deine eigenen Ressourcen auf eine natürliche Weise zu entdecken.

You want to take the questionnaire now?


In early China, natural processes were intensively observed. From this, different generations have learned a lot until today. These observations led to many insights about the natural rhythms in the world, in us humans and in the interaction between both. This thinking and knowledge of the Chinese life sciences and philosophy has then also found its way into Chinese medicine.

The fundamental natural phenomena – also called transformation phases – are closely related to each other. They strengthen each other, generate each other and control each other, but they can also weaken and overcome each other.

You already know natural rhythms: Daily rhythms, tides, the lunar cycle. And also the cycles for the seasons. In Chinese philosophy, in analogy to spring, summer, autumn and winter, there is additionally the late summer, the phase of harvest.

In Chinese philosophy, the 5 phases are also referred to as the 5 elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water. The phases describe natural processes in which everything is in flow and in motion. If we come to a bottleneck or even feel a blockage – then it does not go on.

To be in balance means to learn to develop in the flow of life and therefore I speak of phases in the following.

As Herrmann Hesse also said: “The world spirit does not want to tie us down and narrow us, it wants to lift us step by step, to widen us.”


The 5 phases / elements 



In spring – the wood phase – nature awakens and begins to unfold with a great force.

Early Summer

In summer – the fire phase – the tender buds ripen, our ideas meet our creativity and will enthusiastically unfold to their full beauty.

Late Summer

In late summer – the earth phase – the harvest takes place, now it is proverbial time to reap the fruits of hard work in the field.


In autumn – the metal phase – the transition into winter is prepared. It is necessary to reflect, preserve what was good and cut off what is no longer needed.


In winter – the water phase – the integration of the experiences of the year into one’s own portfolio of actions, the building of new knowledge takes place in the silence. Despite the silence, the new plants mature for a new cycle.

Original beginnings:   

The original beginning is in the winter, the water phase – here the plants are laid for the coming year. 

It is like the knowledge that we acquire and build up in ourselves. 

Be it over generations or even in our lives.

Over the years, many descriptions and analogies have been added to these simple and natural observations. 

Thus, today there is a very colorful picture of colors, cardinal points, sounds, emotions, behavior patterns, professions that can be assigned to these areas through the analogy of nature. 

An experiential science in a reference system very familiar to us. It allows to experience, reflect, interpret and assimilate the diversity and colorfulness with ease.

An exciting and mostly very true experiential science.

We can – if we are open – make new experiences about this reflection with nature analogies in the most different areas in ourselves and our actions and strengthen the self-reflection competence in a simple and natural way.


Which archetypes are predominant in your case?


Are you more the planning and creative wood type or the dominant and communicative fire type? 

Or are you the diplomatic earth type or structured, shiny and perfect like the metal type? 

And then there is the inquisitive, withdrawn and stubborn water type.

After answering the questions you will receive a first indication and basic assessment of which basic type you correspond most closely to from the point of view of Chinese philosophy. 

And you receive in addition a statement about how your 2 main types influence each other.

In addition, you will receive a free 15-minute feedback session on a question that is currently moving you. 

Of course, I am also available for a very detailed, personal feedback conversation, an accompaniment or a further and individual personality diagnosis.

Feel free to use it like one of my clients who realized why he, a southerner, moved north in his personal fire phase to cool his overflowing fire.